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Engineers Without Borders Nepal

Engineers without Borders (EWB) Nepal is an initiative to make a sustainable transformation in the community. It aims to create an exemplary society with the help of innovation, technology, and engineering solutions. In other words, technically sound engineers with the intellectuals alike will work together to meet basic human necessities.

Engineers without Borders (EWB) Nepal is an initiative to make a sustainable transformation in the community.

6 E’s that we focus on

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) adopts a holistic approach to sustainable development, emphasizing the “6Es”: Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Engagement, Empowerment, Education, and Environment. Through these pillars, EWB seeks to innovate and apply technical knowledge, foster local business growth, actively involve communities, empower individuals, provide educational opportunities, and protect and improve the environment, thereby creating lasting and impactful change in the societies they work with.

Meeting with His Excellency Hanan GoderWhat’s happening in Nepal right now?

We are pleased to announce that Engineers Without Borders President Kapil Dev Regmi and Executive Member Vidhusi Rana recently met with Ambassador Hanan Goder and Michal Weiler-Tal, Director of South East Asia Department at the

EWB Nepal is all about People

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Nepal focuses on uniting people across disciplines and nations to solve real community challenges. They advocate for collaborative, cross-border solutions, leveraging diverse expertise for sustainable, local impact.

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