Engineers without Borders (EWB) Nepal is an initiative to make a sustainable transformation in the community. It aims to create an exemplary society with the help of innovation, technology, and engineering solutions. In other words, technically sound engineers with the intellectuals alike will work together to meet basic human necessities .The selected team of engineers, scholars, and experts will minutely study the primary requirements of the community to be followed by various appropriate projects.

Projects & Approach

The projects of EWB Nepal largely focus on the local communities that are deprived of basic necessities. First of all, an underprivileged area will be selected that reflects the major hindrances of the entire community. This highlighted zone will be taken as a focal point of the next EWB projects to be carried out thereby in similar communities. In this manner, EWB Nepal will execute its forthcoming operations.
As mentioned above, EWB Nepal has the vision to upgrade the local communities. Its approach ranges from the theme of sustainable development, capacity enhancement, technology development, STEAM learning, research and development for the community, advocating for change, and training programs.
Such varieties of operations are envisioned to also empower the people living within by seeking creative solutions to real-world problems.
EWB Nepal aims to collaborate with numerous national and international organizations to carry out its projects.