Strena Shrestha

Strena Shrestha is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering (Design and Manufacturing) student at Kathmandu University. Her passion lies in continual learning, where she eagerly embraces new knowledge and skills everyday. With a focus on optimism and a keen eye for detail, she firmly believes that even the smallest actions can create a significant impact in life. Beyond her academic pursuits, She actively seeks opportunities to contribute meaningfully to society, leveraging her expertise and enthusiasm to make a positive difference in the world.

Bikalpa Chaulagain

Bikalpa is a final-year undergraduate engineering student with a curious nature and a strong interest in Engineering Processes and principles. With an optimistic personality, he demonstrates capabilities such as adaptability, teamwork, and determination. Through hands-on experience gained from numerous engineering projects during his academic journey, he has accumulated diverse skills. Beyond academics, he firmly believes in the significance of extending a helping hand and contributing positively to the community, shaping an impactful approach towards life and work.

Prayush Jung Karki

Meet Prayush, an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for making a difference through engineering. Armed with skills in computational analysis, modeling, and digital design from Kathmandu University, Prayush thrives on collaborative projects that bring together diverse expertise. Eager to contribute innovative solutions and always keen to learn from experiences, Prayush is committed to engineering for a brighter, more sustainable future of society.

Abishek Subedi

Abishek Subedi, a dedicated fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at Kathmandu University, stands out for his unwavering drive and versatile skill set. His expertise spans across mechanical, electrical, and computer disciplines, reflecting a unique blend of knowledge in various domains. Abishek’s primary focus revolves around HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), Electric Vehicles (EVs), Entrepreneurship, and an array of other fascinating fields within engineering.

Shrija Shrestha

Shrija Shrestha is a third-year student studying civil engineering at KU. She’s not just into building things; she’s all about using civil engineering to make a positive impact on people’s lives. What sets her apart is her fascination with cool tech like remote sensing and GIS, tools that help her understand and solve problems. Shrija also finds pleasure immersing in the world of books, enjoying stories that take her to different places and perspectives. What makes her journey special is her positive outlook, turning everything she does into an exciting and meaningful adventure.

Anmol Shrestha

Anmol Shrestha is a 3rd year mechanical student at KU. He is a person driven by an insatiable curiosity, always eager to explore and understand various subjects, whether it’s the dynamics of politics or the intricacies of how things function. What makes Anmol unique is his keen interest in technology, particularly in programming, robotics, and computers. With a forward-thinking vision, Anmol aspires to leverage his technical expertise to contribute to groundbreaking innovations, aiming to create a positive impact on the world. His commitment to this ambitious goal sets him apart as a dynamic and valuable individual in any endeavor he undertakes.

Susmita Chaudhary

Susmita Chaudhary is a fourth-year Geomatics Engineering student with a passion for geospatial technologies, remote sensing, and GIS applications. Her academic journey has equipped her with a robust foundation in these areas. Beyond her academic pursuits, Susmita is an avid traveler, finding joy in exploring new places around the world.She enjoys and interacts with new individuals to work together and believes in teamwork. Susmita’s diverse interests and expertise make her a valuable and dynamic member of any community.

Amit Poudyal

Amit Poudyal is a second year Computer Engineering student at Kathmandu University, possesses a curious mindset and a passion for learning new technologies. His expertise spans across diverse areas, with a focus on web development. He actively works on his expertise to sharpen his skills. He enjoys and interacts with new individuals to work together and believes in teamwork.

Bibek KC

Bibek K.C. is a fourth year Electrical and Electronics Engineering student at Kathmandu University with a passion for football, singing, and meeting new people. He enjoys using simulation tools and AutoCAD and has developed skills in that area. His diverse interests in sports, music, technology and his enthusiasm for interacting with others suggests a natural knack for communication and building connections.