Sandeep Kafle

I am a Third Year Civil & Rural Engineering student at School of Engineering, Pokhara University, with a keen interest in both urban infrastructure and rural development. Being a Civil & Rural Engineer, I want to deliver a positive impact in rural communities. My hobbies include reading, involving in current affairs and playing flute. I am being involved in different STEAM learning programs. I love to interact and work together with new individuals believing in leadership and teamwork.

Bina Dhungana

I am Bina Dhungana. I am studying Civil and Rural Engineering at Pokhara University (a third-year student). I’m currently living in Suklagandaki -4,Tanahun.I belong to middle class family.My father is a forester,my mother is a housewife and my, both elder sisters are married and my younger sister is currently studying engineering in Pokhara University.My family is my strength and my inspiration. They always motivate and teach me to become disciplined, obedient, confident and an optimistic person.I love to dance,listen to music and poems. Also, I love to sing old Nepali songs and hindi songs. Besides these,my hobbies are cooking and reading novels.I’m a self motivated, dedicated and a focused person with a curious nature. My aim is to be a great engineer and a proud daughter of my family.

Sagar Sharma

A dedicated third-year engineering student at Pokhara University, deeply passionate about engineering,technology and its potential to benefit society. Committed to using his engineering knowledge to contribute to national development. Enthusiastic about teamwork, he believes collaboration with visionary individuals is key to advancing the country. Outside academics, he enjoys reading, exploring new ideas, and continually preparing himself for upcoming opportunities, showcasing a strong eagerness for learning new skills.

Mimik thapa magar

I’m Mimik thapa magar. I’m a 2nd year electrical engineering student at Pokhara University. My core interest in electricity, circuits and technology has driven me to pursue engineering. I have got hands-on experiences through lab work and gained lots of different knowledge , where I apply what I have learned to real-world scenario’s . I love being able to use my skill to solve problems and make positive impacts. I really like working in a team where we all can communicate ,cooperate and support each other to achieve shared objectives. I have worked with many clubs and have organization programs so I also have a good knowledge in organizing program and working with a team.

Laxmi Dhungana

Me myself representing as third year student continuing bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at Pokhara University. I keep myself busy in learning new things, new technological software and listening relevant audio books during my leisure period. My personal values are always lied on consistent learning, passion, dedication with efficient time management to accomplish any task. It’s my pleasure to join Engineers Without Borders family with keen interest to contribute in its future projects with my competent knowledge and skills.

Ganesh Chapagain

Hey everyone! 👋 I’m Ganesh Chapgain, currently pursuing a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Pokhara University. My diverse interests in sports, music, technology and my enthusiasm for interacting with others suggests a natural knack for communication and building connections. Me also enjoys and interacts with new individuals to work together and believes in teamwork. My academic journey is a dedicated pursuit of understanding and shaping the future of electrical engineering.

Avinash Adhikari

“Design your dreams, engineer your reality.”

My name is Avinash Adhikari, and at 21, I find myself at the crossroads of creativity and engineering. Having completed a diploma in civil engineering, I’m currently shaping my future with a bachelor’s degree from Pokhara University. My journey is marked by a year of hands-on experience in estimation, valuation, autocad designing, and site supervision. Furthermore, I bring four years of precision in CNC programming and a remarkable six-year tenure in graphics designing. In my pursuit of excellence.