Santosh Bhandari

Santosh is a third year Electronics Engineering student at IOE, Pulchowk Campus. His hobbies include writing, exploring history, and singing. He believes in hardwork and relentless pursuit of knowledge. He is dedicated to fostering teamwork and catering a positive change.

Prashant Prasar

Prashant is an undergraduate Aerospace Engineering student passionate about merging theory with practice. He specializes in low speed aerodynamics and 3d printing. A fun fact about him is that he can solve rubik’s cube within 30 seconds. His goal is to leverage engineering for positive community impact.

Smriti Dahal

Smriti is a final-year undergraduate Civil Engineering student at Pulchowk Campus. She is captivated by the diverse scope of civil engineering, especially when it comes to structures and the built environment. As an eager learner, she aspires to work on the enhancement of Nepal’s disaster resilience and contribute to innovative solutions. In her spare time, Smriti enjoys delving into novels, series, and hiking to unwind in nature.

Saugat Baral

Dedicated and detail-oriented individual, who likes to coordinate in a team. Regular bicycle rider, voracious reader, and enthusiastic trekker.
A bhakti yoga practitioner, who is conscious of the environment, so much so that he turned into a vegetarian to minimize his carbon footprint. An aspirant for technology and social work.

Shuvangi Adhikari

Shuvangi is a Computer Engineering student at Pulchowk Campus. She is a part of the first Engineers Without Borders (EWB) chapter in her campus. Her hobbies include reading fiction and writing. And she lives by the motto, “Always do what you are afraid to do.”
She is elated to be a part of the EWB family and is eager to contribute to impactful projects.

Ishan Prasad Banjara

Ishan is the current treasurer at Engineers Without Borders-Pulchowk Chapter. He has served as a research coordinator at Maths and Physics Society-MAPS 2022/2023 and has been an event organizer for “Integration Bee 2022 in collaboration with MIT Mathematics”. Beyond numbers and equations, he has also won “National Level Ideathon 2079,” implementing Machine Learning for the category “Smart Cities and Sustainable Development.” He is passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration and sustainable solutions.

Uday Raj Kafle

Uday is a mechanical engineering undergraduate with a passion for sustainable energy solutions. He enjoys meaningful conversations over tea, finding inspiration in the blend of simplicity and complexity. In the world of machines and engineering, he believes every detail matters. With a calm approach to challenges, he embraces the philosophy that thoughtful innovation can shape a better future. Balancing a pen for ideas and blueprints, he navigates the mechanical realm, driven by the vision of a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.