Shrija Shrestha

Shrija Shrestha is a third-year student studying civil engineering at KU. She’s not just into building things; she’s all about using civil engineering to make a positive impact on people’s lives. What sets her apart is her fascination with cool tech like remote sensing and GIS, tools that help her understand and solve problems. Shrija also finds pleasure immersing in the world of books, enjoying stories that take her to different places and perspectives. What makes her journey special is her positive outlook, turning everything she does into an exciting and meaningful adventure.

Amit Poudyal

Amit Poudyal is a second year Computer Engineering student at Kathmandu University, possesses a curious mindset and a passion for learning new technologies. His expertise spans across diverse areas, with a focus on web development. He actively works on his expertise to sharpen his skills. He enjoys and interacts with new individuals to work together and believes in teamwork.